Andrew Sullivan’s Dive Off The Deep End

November 20, 2009

Andrew Sullivan hasn’t been worth reading for years as he descends into the fever swamps of paranoia and conspiracy, but I find this hilarious. Michelle Malkin points out Sullivan’s fever dream hatred of Sarah Palin has reached epic proportions.

Sullivan, the man who still thinks that Sarah Palin’s youngest child, Trig, is really the son of Bristol Palin and that Sarah covered up her daughter’s pregnancy by pretending to be pregnant herself, is now accusing Palin of being a fantasist. Here and here.

Poor Andrew…the only thing standing between him and total derangement is a single tinfoil hat.


Oh Sheila, You Make Me Feel Like A Surgeon, Hugged For The Very First Time

August 13, 2009

Patterico has the details on Roxana Mayer, an Obama delegate who posed as a pediatric physician at Sheila Jackso…hold on, I gotta get this call…watch the video while I’m talking to someone else…

Okay I’m back…Sheila Jackson Lee’s townhall. She even got a nice hug from the Congresswoman.

Do you think the Democrats would need to resort to union goons, moppet questioners with a high “cute” quotient, and phony physicians to help them make their case if what they were advocating was something good?

The Democrats are terrified of real questions and real constituent anger. It is not because they are in fear of their lives as some of the more squeamish members have alleged. It is because they are afraid that we the people can see that they offer us nothing but the prospect of massive debt and an ever-increasing government influence on our lives. Well it’s too late for them. We do see it. We are on to you.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has the rules for proper etiquette at town halls.

The Chicago Way

August 7, 2009

From The Politico:

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod and deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told senators to focus on the insured and how they would benefit from “consumer protections” in the overhaul, such as ending the practice of denying insurance based on preexisting conditions and ensuring the continuity of coverage between jobs.

They showed video clips of the confrontational town halls that have dominated the media coverage, and told senators to do more prep work than usual for their public meetings by making sure their own supporters turn out, senators and aides said.

And they screened TV ads and reviewed the various campaigns by critics of the Democratic plan.

“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting.

From The Untouchables:

They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!

And now the word is out that the unions will be supplying thugs members to the town halls. This is what happened yesterday in Tampa, when members of the Service Employees International Union showed up. What a shock: violence erupts. Michelle Malkin has more on SEIU.

I’m beginning to think Michelle Bachmann was correct:

Porkulus II: The Next Day; UPDATED

July 10, 2009

Michelle Malkin’s been on fire recently. Her syndicated column today is a neat evisceration of the stimulus package that was guaranteed to keep unemployment below 8% (currently at 9.5%).

The first stimulus package was nothing more than a fiscal boondoggle designed to pay off political cronies like the unions and areas that voted for Obama (H/T: Around The Sphere) and was loaded down with some of the most ridiculous pork projects ever seen.

Expectations for a second round of stimulus are for more of the same. The fact is that Obama isn’t particularly interested in stimulating the economy. If he was, he would be slashing taxes across the board, loosening regulations on industry and corporations, cutting the capital gains tax, and balancing the Federal budget. I’ve noticed that whenever Obama says, “We don’t want to do this…” then it’s time to hang onto your wallet. If he didn’t want to do these things, he wouldn’t.

Obama’s straw man is that there are only two options: his way, or doing nothing at all. He says it every time he speaks. “There are those who want to do nothing…” What crap.

There are time-tested and proven methods of getting ourselves out of a bad economy. What these methods boil down to is simply this: put more money in the hands of the people who earn the money.

Government has no money of it’s own. One hundred percent of the revenue government uses comes from taxpayers. This is why the stimulus package, and the subsequent stimulus packages (look for Porkulus III: Revenge Of The Bureaucrat within a few months of Porkulus II), will not work. The premise behind them is that in order to put money into the economy, they first must take money out of the economy. It’s why government attempts to stimulate the economy through direct action, rather than by letting people and the free market decide how to spend their own money, are doomed to failure.

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again while expecting a different result, then it is time to haul the Democrats off to the funny farm. But then, this has never been about stimulating the economy. It has always been about changing the way the citizenry of the United States deals with the Federal Government. This is about making as many people as possible dependent on government largesse. This is about an intellectual elite who feel that you don’t know how to spend the money you earn as well as they do. The Morlocks in D.C. are trying their very best to convince the Eloi of the fifty states to follow blindly and leave the decision making and the serious thinking to the smart ones. In their hearts, they believe that we are drones, toiling to provide them with more money and more power. In return, they give us the Postal Service and promises of paradise on Earth. Well, folks, it’s all a bunch of bull. You can’t immanentize the eschaton, as Eric Voeglin said.

This is about control. Fight the power.

UPDATE: In today’s Washington Post, President Obama has an op-ed defending the stimulus. Over at The Corner, Stephen Spruiell dismantles it with ruthless efficiency.

Panthers And Their Attitudes

June 5, 2009

Michelle Malkin writes a great column today on the disgraceful Justice Department decision to drop the case against members of the New Black Panther party who were intimidating voters and poll workers at a Philadelphia polling station last November. When is the press going to hold Eric Holder accountable for this blatant miscarriage of justice?

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