Andrew Breitbart, RIP

March 1, 2012

The conservative community woke up to a genuine shock today with the news that Andrew Breitbart had unexpectedly passed away. Aside from being one of the founders of the Huffington Post (the one who had the good sense to leave it), Breitbart was a major thorn in the side of the Left wing, and I have no doubt that the Left will not be able to conceal their giddiness at the news of his death. Breitbart would probably expect—maybe even want—his Leftist detractors to smear him and rejoice at the news. He understood that if you can judge a man by the company he keeps, you can also judge him by the enemies he makes.

Breitbart leaves behind a wife, family, and a stack of essential reading web sites: Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Government, Big Peace, BreitbartTV, and Breitbart. He was a tireless advocate for liberty and conservatism who was unwilling to back down from the worst of what the Left could throw at him. While he lacked the name recognition of Sarah Palin, the bile directed at Breitbart was just as scathing. Breitbart’s response to these attacks, most notoriously on Twitter, was to thumb his nose and retweet the haters without comment…letting the world see them for what they really are. Breitbart constantly called out the Left’s most notorious attack dogs and revealed them to be nothing more than vicious, small-minded Yorkies, yapping ineffectively and pathetically against him.

I never met the man, but I would have loved to sit down and shoot the breeze with him. He was a “happy warrior” always smiling and fending off his know-nothing critics with facts, biting humor, and a smile. He knew they were absurd, and enjoyed proving it. He will be sorely missed. RIP.

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