Oh Sheila, You Make Me Feel Like A Surgeon, Hugged For The Very First Time

Patterico has the details on Roxana Mayer, an Obama delegate who posed as a pediatric physician at Sheila Jackso…hold on, I gotta get this call…watch the video while I’m talking to someone else…

Okay I’m back…Sheila Jackson Lee’s townhall. She even got a nice hug from the Congresswoman.

Do you think the Democrats would need to resort to union goons, moppet questioners with a high “cute” quotient, and phony physicians to help them make their case if what they were advocating was something good?

The Democrats are terrified of real questions and real constituent anger. It is not because they are in fear of their lives as some of the more squeamish members have alleged. It is because they are afraid that we the people can see that they offer us nothing but the prospect of massive debt and an ever-increasing government influence on our lives. Well it’s too late for them. We do see it. We are on to you.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has the rules for proper etiquette at town halls.

One Response to Oh Sheila, You Make Me Feel Like A Surgeon, Hugged For The Very First Time

  1. eyesopening says:

    She’s claiming the video is faked now.

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