Panthers And Their Attitudes

Michelle Malkin writes a great column today on the disgraceful Justice Department decision to drop the case against members of the New Black Panther party who were intimidating voters and poll workers at a Philadelphia polling station last November. When is the press going to hold Eric Holder accountable for this blatant miscarriage of justice?

2 Responses to Panthers And Their Attitudes

  1. Matt Schaffer says:

    What a jackass Holder is.. Early in the administration he was concerned and wanted more racial socializing after working hours. He is absolutely a racist and showed his true colors when dismissing the charges against the Philadelphia Black Panthers dressed “Storm Troopers” armed with a billy club and intimidating voters at a voting location. He also attempted to block Georgia’s identification process when voting. Like your column stated, things would be totally reversed had the two thugs been KKK. Holder should be enforcing laws and prosecuting violators and concern himself less with social policies.

    • blaknsam says:

      Thanks. It’s not my column, it’s Michelle Malkin’s. I do agree with the sentiments however. Whether or not Eric Holder is a racist is something I wouldn’t necessarily agree with. I don’t know the man’s heart, and using that loaded word is something that I personally wouldn’t want to do unless it’s a clear cut case (helloooo Louis Farrakhan!). It is clear to me that far from being “post-racial” the Obama Administration is rife with people who do engage in identity politics.

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