A blog about stuff. My kind of stuff.

Okay, that was too easy and too glib. All this recent talk about “anonyblogging” has inspired me to write a bit more about myself here without really divulging too much of anything.

Blaknsam lives in suburban New York, not too far away from New York City, with his wife and two cats. He likes Yankee baseball, apple pie, Moms, and America. He has a Master’s Degree in English, and works a full-time job that doesn’t involve blogging. He is a Mac guy and owns an almost-packed 160GB iPod that he takes with him whenever he leaves the house. He drives a Honda. He wanted to get a GM car, but…well there’s a reason they’re going bankrupt and part of it is that they don’t make good cars in his price range. He is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is a registered Conservative and has been since he turned 18. In 1984 he voted in his first Presidential election for Ronald Reagan and that was the last time he felt good about voting, although he was seen at the local pub doing a happy dance on election night in 1994.

The name Blaknsam comes from mixing Guinness Stout and Samuel Adams lager, a twist on the “Black & Tan” combination of Guinness and Bass Ale. It also speaks to an Irish-American heritage, a love for the Founding Fathers (including Sam Adams), and also that his first six or seven choices of screen name were taken. By villains.

Sly villains.

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