Like A Bad Penny

January 23, 2014

So where did 2013 go?

It was an incredible year for politics. The IRS scandal blew up big before being swept under the rug by a servile press and a corrupt Justice Department. The Benghazi scandal also hit the headlines on Fox News while being summarily ignored and/or dismissed by the rest of the news media. Obamacare was implemented and immediately crashed and burned on the back of a $500,000,000 website that didn’t (and doesn’t) work. The civil war in Syria was just the latest bungle in a feckless foreign policy from Obama and the panjandrum who now heads the State Department. Well, the latest until they capitulated to Iran at least, pleading pathetically with the mullahs to hold off for six months on their development of nuclear weapons. And for comic relief, there was Dennis Rodman, basketball’s “Worm”, who proved that there’s nothing like obsequiously toadying for the world’s most monstrous dictator to give meaning to the AA term “hitting bottom”.

And while the spirit was willing to write about all of this, the flesh was weak. To say that last year was personally rough would be understating it. Unemployment, depression, death, sickness (my own and others)…it all made for a very quiet year here on The Clampdown. Frankly, writing about the jungle of politics was not helping my state of mental health.

But this is 2014. Obama’s approval rating is hovering around the average daytime temperature in the Yukon, Obamacare is continuing to destroy the insurance industry and crush the relationship between the insured and their employers, and a midterm election is in the wings, possibly heralding a GOP takeover for the Senate…if the Republicans don’t sabotage themselves too severely. And after a long layoff, I remain committed to never, ever working for The Clampdown.

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