Off The Cliff

President Obama is going to push for reconciliation (what Senate Democrats used to call “the nuclear option” when it was used by Republicans) to pass health care reform, urging the Democrats to go blindly off the cliff and onto the sharp rocks below. This follows Nancy Pelosi’s grandstanding admonishment to representatives that they need to be worried about the good of the country, and should willingly walk the plank for reform (this coming from a woman safely elected in the People’s Republic of San Francisco).

This is political suicide for the Dems. If they really think opposition to the plan is strong now, just wait until they shove it down our throats and tell us to shut up and like it. I’m thinking we should start a pool…how many seats will the Democrats lose in the House this November? Forty? Sixty? Eighty? A hundred? A hundred would be nice. It’s a good round number. And by doing this, they may well lose the Senate also. Every Democrat (or Republican) who votes for this bill has painted a huge target on his or her back. As for the President, Obama may get this through (still not certain), but he will be completely wiped out. He is using all of the political capital he has, and some he doesn’t have. Obama will not be strengthened by the passage of this bill, he will be crippled by it.

And it will serve his Imperial Majesty right.

Meanwhile, Breitbart is showing a video detailing many of Obama’s statements about how healthcare should not be done on a simple majority vote. There’s a word for Obama that’s not usually used in politics because it’s considered rude or somehow tacky. The word is “Liar.” And it fits.

Write and call your representative. Write and call your senator. Let them know that passage of this bill via reconciliation will not be tolerated.

UPDATE: Obama has now come out and settled the issue by declaring the debate to be “over.” Memo to Barry: It’s not your ball, and you can’t just go home with it. The debate may be over, but if this travesty passes the fight will just be beginning. Also, Michelle Malkin weighs in with one-stop shopping on all the latest about reconciliation.

One Response to Off The Cliff

  1. howmachizzit says:

    It’s not uncommon when some mook puffs up his pigeon chest and declares “the time for talk is over…” that the “discussion” is taken outside. If ya know what I mean.

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