Sold! One Judge For One Vote!

Over on her blog, Michelle Malkin is asking whether the White House is “incorrigibly corrupt or incorrigibly stupid” over the latest brouhaha from the Obama camp.

Hot on the heels of Robert Gibbs saying that Obama would do “whatever it takes to pass health care” comes word that the President has nominated Scott Matheson to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s a nice, prestigious title for Matheson. Whatever his qualifications are, the nomination looks a little, shall we say, “suspect” because Scott Matheson’s brother is Representative Jim Matheson from Utah. Jim Matheson is one of the Representatives who voted “No” on health care reform the first time it went through the House. Now Obama is courting him to change his vote to “Yes.” Oh, and hey, how about a seat on the Court of Appeals for your brother?

But getting back to Michelle’s question: the answer is both, and there is a third ingredient.

At a time when people are extremely upset over the political back room deals like the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, special deals for unions, etc., for the Obama administration to do yet another one of these deals reflects a level of political stupidity that is mind-boggling.

While technically not illegal, the entire affair screams of a corrupt political machine that uses a labyrinthine system of favors, kickbacks, and punishments to get what it wants. This may not be illegal, and Scott Matheson is apparently very qualified for the job, but let’s call this exactly what it is: a bribe. Hmmm…now where I have heard the word “bribery” in relation to the Presidency before? Oh yeah, it’s in the Constitution, right before the words “treason, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Now I am not calling for an Obama impeachment. These political hijinx go on all the time, with both parties. But just because both Republicans and Democrats do this sort of thing doesn’t mean it isn’t a type of corruption.

The third element here is the one that blinds Obama to both the stupidity and the corruption of this: his all-consuming arrogance. Obama does these things because he apparently believes that nobody will question him, that dissent from his agenda and his method is somehow illegitimate.

Well, pride goeth before a fall, Mr. President, and if your plummeting approval ratings aren’t enough of an indicator, allow me to spell it out for you: We are on to you. We disapprove of your agenda. We disapprove of your methods. We will make our voices heard.

Hot Air is on the case, too.

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