Your Daley Lesson In Progressive Politics

Drudge is highlighting this article about the Supreme Court taking up the issue of gun control in Chicago.

I won’t get into the issue here, but I want to take a second to comment on this statement from Chicago’s mayor:

Mayor Richard M. Daley wants the ban to remain in place. He says local officials need flexibility to decide how best to protect their communities.

“We have the right for health and safety to pass reasonable laws dealing with the protection and health of the people of the city of Chicago,” Daley said.

This is the perfect indicator of the Progressive/Liberal mindset. “We have the right…”

I really can not say this often enough or loud enough:

Government has no rights; it has powers that can be rescinded, amended, or strengthened by the electorate. Again…people have rights; governments do not. Buying into the argument that the government has a “right” to do anything is conceding that the government has absolutely no limits whatsoever.

2 Responses to Your Daley Lesson In Progressive Politics

  1. I have no idea why America, with it’s obsession with democracy, would rather give rights to Corporations, that are by nature, authoritarian, and yet none to government.

  2. blaknsam says:

    Assuming your comment is not meant to be satire…Because corporations are not in the business of lawmaking and, as I stated, if you concede the idea that governments have rights then you are giving government unlimited power to do anything it may wish to do. Government would be able to pass any law they wanted because “they have the right.” For instance, take Daley’s statement that the government has the right to pass laws for the health and safety of the people. Where’s the limit on that? Can they pass a law decreeing everyone remain within 5 pounds of their ideal weight? Can they pass a law banning behavior they consider “dangerous?” If you give them the “right” then you are submitting to life under a jackboot. After all, “rights” can not be taken away except by law, and if the law has the “right” it will never curb itself. You also labor under a very dangerous supposition: that rights are “given” to us by the government. They are not. Rights come from God, and the Constitution only prevents the law from infringing on those rights, not on granting us new ones. Read the Bill of Rights. They are not rights granted to the American people; they are restrictions on Congress to prevent interference in the rights that are “self-evident.” It says “Congress shall not…” not “The people can…”

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