Obama At The Berlin Wall: Ich Bin Ein Great!

November 12, 2009

A few days have passed since the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, so I know I’m not the first to comment on this but it’s been nagging at me for days. I still vividly remember hearing the news that day when I got home from work. That night I sat and watched the live feed from Berlin, with thousands of happy Germans attacking the wall with chisels and hammers, pouring champagne, and revelling in the joy of freedom and the prospects of a united Germany. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before: so many people, oppressed for so long, suddenly breathing the air of liberty. It was as if people trapped on the bottom of the ocean were suddenly allowed to breathe the air again.

It was the right thing to do for the President of the United States to address such an auspicious event, but once again Barack Obama failed miserably.

The Berlin Wall was the single biggest symbol of the Cold War between the free nations of the world and the Soviet Union. The Cold War was not a bad dream that we woke up from. The Soviet Union murdered tens of millions of people, imprisoned millions more, and crushed free nations under the jackboot of tyranny. In East Germany, the Stasi secret police were notorious for their spying on innocent citizens, and crushing any dissent from the ruling party. Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary…these are just some of countries that were held in the vice-like grip of totalitarianism by Mother Russia was long. Russia’s errors spread throughout the world, to China, Korea, Viet Nam, Cuba, Yugoslavia. The Soviet Union was not America’s competition; they were America’s enemy.

It started badly with an introduction by Hilary Clinton who said that Barack Obama “represents the fall of different kinds of walls.” You know it had to go downhill after that push.

It would have been nice for Barack Obama to acknowledge the crimes against humanity committed in the Soviet Union and in East Germany, but during the course of his video presentation, he mentioned the “Iron Curtain” only once, and did not mention Russia or the Soviet Union at all. Nor did he mention the man most credited with winning the Cold War: Ronald Reagan, who famously stood at the wall and loudly demanded, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” He did not mention Margaret Thatcher, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Reagan in her fierce condemnations of the Evil Empire. He did not mention Pope John Paul II, the Pope who came from a Communist country, and who traveled back to his home country of Poland and spoke of liberty, and embraced Solidarity, the fledgling union that was then in its infancy but eventually came to symbolize the yearning for freedom throughout the Soviet bloc.

But Obama did give a shout out to his favorite person in the whole world: himself.

“Few would have foreseen … that a united Germany would be led by a woman from Brandenburg or that their American ally would be led by a man of African descent. But human destiny is what human beings make of it,” Obama said.

The list of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Soviet Union includes mass murder, unjust imprisonment, genocide, re-education camps, unjust war. But the fall of this Evil Empire has been reduced by the Megalomaniac-in-Chief to paving the way for a woman to succeed in Germany and a black man to succeed in America.

I remember watching those Germans chipping away at the wall with tears of joy streaming down their faces. What I don’t remember is thinking, “This paves the way for a man of African descent to lead America.” But for Barry, it’s all about him.

Hot Air has a whole wrap-up, with video.

Obama’s Revisionist History

July 17, 2009

This is a few days old but just came to my attention. In the Wall Street Journal, Liz Cheney has a deft essay beating Obama about the head and neck with the stupid stick for his fawning pandering and revisionist history when it comes to the Cold War. In Obama’s view, the Cold War ended one day because the Russian people decided they didn’t like living under Communism, and he boils the Cold War down to a competition to see who would get to the moon first and who would beat whom in Olympic hockey.

If it was that simple, you’d think the Russian people would have tossed Communism overboard when Stalin was murdering tens of millions of people.

One of the problems with today’s Russia, run by strongmen ex-KGB thugs like Vladimir Putin, is that the West’s victory in the Cold War wasn’t followed by Nuremberg-style trials, putting the Kremlin and the heads of the Soviet secret police up before a jury that would have imprisoned or executed them. Because the old Soviet apparatchiks were never held to account for the brutal crimes they committed or allowed, younger Russians have no firm idea of the brutality of which the Putins of the world were capable.

Obama’s obsequious rewriting of history does nobody any favors. But then, admitting the truth about Cold War would entail admitting that Obama and all of his “nuclear freeze movement” buddies in college were dead wrong. And Obama will never admit to errors in his ideology.

H/T: QDex.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, RIP

August 4, 2008

One of the true giants of 20th century literature and history passed away this weekend at his home in Moscow. It is fitting that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn died in Moscow, in a country from which he had been exiled. It meant that he had outlived the poisonous system he had done so much to expose, and had been welcomed back in a post-Soviet era.

Solzhenitsyn was the preeminent Russian dissident who, through his powerful writings, dragged the evils of the Soviet system into the light, and contributed to its ultimate demise. An eloquent and tireless advocate of freedom and the crushing of tyranny, the world is a dimmer place without him.

My hope is that someday teenagers in the local mall will wear shirts with his face on them, and permanently retire their Che chic, consigning that murderous monster to the dustbin of history. If that day ever arrives, it will speak much better about the fate of our nation.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a witness to history. Read him.


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