Obama’s Revisionist History

This is a few days old but just came to my attention. In the Wall Street Journal, Liz Cheney has a deft essay beating Obama about the head and neck with the stupid stick for his fawning pandering and revisionist history when it comes to the Cold War. In Obama’s view, the Cold War ended one day because the Russian people decided they didn’t like living under Communism, and he boils the Cold War down to a competition to see who would get to the moon first and who would beat whom in Olympic hockey.

If it was that simple, you’d think the Russian people would have tossed Communism overboard when Stalin was murdering tens of millions of people.

One of the problems with today’s Russia, run by strongmen ex-KGB thugs like Vladimir Putin, is that the West’s victory in the Cold War wasn’t followed by Nuremberg-style trials, putting the Kremlin and the heads of the Soviet secret police up before a jury that would have imprisoned or executed them. Because the old Soviet apparatchiks were never held to account for the brutal crimes they committed or allowed, younger Russians have no firm idea of the brutality of which the Putins of the world were capable.

Obama’s obsequious rewriting of history does nobody any favors. But then, admitting the truth about Cold War would entail admitting that Obama and all of his “nuclear freeze movement” buddies in college were dead wrong. And Obama will never admit to errors in his ideology.

H/T: QDex.

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