Suffer The Little Children?

On September 8th, President Obama is going to give a speech to schoolkids all across the country. I don’t have any details on the content of the speech, though my guess is that it will be a mix of common sense (study hard, work hard) and completely risible balderdash about being called to service. Maybe he’ll apologize for America’s tardiness in enforcing child labor laws.

There is a document out now from the Department of Education that is designed to help teachers indoctrinate guide their charges.

Among other things, the suggestions advise teachers to have their students read books about Barack Obama and to keep track of what the students think about the speech and how they can help America.

When class is over, students will then sing their Obama theme:

Sorry, but I find this whole thing kind of creepy.

Michelle Malkin has weighed in with more information. So does Hot Air.

And more from Michelle Malkin in her syndicated column.

11 Responses to Suffer The Little Children?

  1. steve says:

    Don’t be sorry for the obvious! It is creepy!

  2. Ragnar says:

    Brown shirts are next.

  3. Is Obama After Your Children?…

    Barack Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation’s elementary-aged children next week about persistence and succeeding in school, but in light of his current policy struggles and plummeting poll numbers, could there be more to his planned broadca…

  4. Tonya says:

    This is Brain washing at it’s height.

  5. Suzie says:

    I just spoke with my children’s middle school principal about this. He said the central planners at the County Board of Ed had not issued a directive yet, but even if he wanted to, the school doesn’t have the technology (i.e. bandwidth or digital t.v.s) to broadcast the speech. He admitted that when they tried to broadcast the Annointed One’s inauguration, they crashed the system. My daughter’s principal at a just built, state of the art high school didn’t even know about the speech. He said that if Government teachers wanted to show it to their class, he didn’t find anything wrong with that, but that it wouldn’t be a schoolwide thing. The lady I talked to at the County Board of Ed said they just found out about the speech yesterday and they didn’t know what they were going to do!

  6. Visit and participate in The Great American Kid-Out.

  7. Steve says:

    This is creepy.

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  9. cliff says:

    Please stop complaining about Obama’s address to the nation’s students.

    Instead, please, please, please, tell all your readers to pull their kids out of their local school. If they are motivated at all, then their child will probably have a better education at home, than they will get at their local school.

    I encourage ALL parents who are upset/worried/feeling uneasy about the President of the United States talking to their children to immediately pull your kids out of school.

    It is legal, and in places like Wisconsin, where I live, VERY easy to pull your kids out and homeschool them

    God Bless!

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