You Can Win A Tour Of The New Bethlehem!

Michelle Malkin is up on a new book written by Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman called 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America. Well, to each his own and all that. I happen to like the old America and don’t really want to see it banged out of all recognition, but that’s just me.

What I particularly like are the testimonials from brilliant thinkers like Jessica Alba who, in pure high school English essay fashion, rephrases the title of the book in the first line of her blurb.

Michelle believes that this book is being promoted very heavily in an effort to dislodge conservative books (like hers) from the top of the New York Times bestseller list. She may be right. The book comes complete with a contest: the grand prize is a trip for two to Honolulu for a private tour of the hospital where Obama was born. Oh my God! I can not even imagine the excitement of walking the halls of a hospital where 48 years ago Barack Obama was born! A private tour, no less! “This is the room where Baby Barack first spit up on his blankey!” “This is the maternity ward where he reached out and healed a preemie with his touch!” I don’t know how anyone could not want to enter this contest. And after the tour, you get to help out in a community service project! There’s no word on whether the other helpers will be misdemeanor offenders who have been sentenced to community service for the day.

Now, this may be some sort of bizarre rebuke to the “Birthers” who insist that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, but to me it reads a lot like they’re offering a trip to the manger in Bethlehem.

All hail The One!

One Response to You Can Win A Tour Of The New Bethlehem!

  1. Uncle Lou says:

    You are riding awfully close to getting a ticket on the H E double hockystick express with this one. No false Gods remember….

    I have found in my years of complaint handling, that anyone who keeps reinforcing a specific action or scenario is always lieing and has often created that situation or scenario to reinforce their fabricated truth.

    I wonder if the private tour involves sitting in chair with your eyes toothpicked open while they play the Obama Kids video over and over again. Then they parade you around like a good little puppet convincing the masses of the saviors, excuse me president’s birth.

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