Pelosi Speaks What’s Left Of Her Mind

The dirty, rotten, filthy stinking liar Nancy “Pants-On-Fire” Pelosi came out with a statement about insurance companies now, calling them “immoral” and “villains” for daring to speak out against a government-run health care system.

Make no mistake, the increasingly shrill and pointless Pelosi actually believes the claptrap that she spouts. In her mind there are two types of people: the heroes in the Democrat party who want government to take over health care, and villains. All who oppose the Red Queen are villains, and we know what should happen to villains from years of watching movies: hail of bullets, clanging jail cell doors, floating off to sea on icebergs…that type of stuff.

I would hope that the insurance companies who have spent the last few months bending over for Barack Obama will take note of the rhetoric coming from the Left. Obama has threatened the insurance companies with “losing a seat at the table” if they run ads against the health care plan. The insurance companies should be listening to the Head Chef of this health care debacle, Nancy Pelosi. The insurance companies were only invited to the table for one reason: to be carved up and served as a main course to an ever-ravenous government bureaucracy that will never, ever, get enough to eat.

Every once in a while these people speak their alleged minds and I become more convinced than ever that the worst of them (and there are many) would put me in a camp. You, too, if you’re reading this.

One Response to Pelosi Speaks What’s Left Of Her Mind

  1. Ragnar says:

    When we get nationalized healthcare, I can finally have my life of leisure. I will say that one of the few things I put with the corporate shit for is the cheap healthcare. Make if free… buh bye… work for food. But if I do that, who pays for the healthcare of the Hasidim? Oh well, let them figure that one out..

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