Barney Frank Admits Public Health Care Option Is A Trojan Horse

Conservative critics, such as myself, have been arguing that the “public option” of a government-sponsored health insurance is a sneaky back door way to get a Canadian/European-styled government run health care system. Now, the revolting Barney Franks actually admits that we’re right.

Fight the power, people. Don’t let these people do this to us. Don’t let them wreck the health care we have. There are better ways of instituting reform.

H/T: Critical Condition.

3 Responses to Barney Frank Admits Public Health Care Option Is A Trojan Horse

  1. Anne says:

    What ways do you suggest?

    • blaknsam says:

      See here for a start.

    • Ragnar says:

      End insurance. It’s what caused the problem to begin with. Health insurance was implemented in the early 1950s after our government instituted wage controls to try and stop wage inflation due to too many jobs and not enough workers. So employers offered free health insurance as a recruiting tool.

      Keep catastrophic health insurance, the cost would be very low. But have people pay for their routine healthcare. Removing the bureaucracy from routine health will drive costs down, and unleash market forces to keep prices down. Have a cold? Now you have to choose between $50 for an office visit or sucking it up and dealing with the fact you’re sick, and it will pass.

      Tort reform – don’t let the ambulance chasers get huge payouts. It costs us all.

      If we argue that health care is a right, then we must argue that food is a right. If we had to ensure food, prices would go up astronomically. Food arguably has a much larger impact on our health than a doctor.

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