Help! Help! I’m Being Repressed!

I think that the police report and witness report speak for itself. Another pampered intellectual crying victimhood and whining about the violence inherent in the system.

According to the number one law enforcement official in the land the police “acted stupidly.” He then went on to pontificate about how blacks and Latinos are investigated “disproportionately.” Disproportionate to what? The percentage of population? Or the percentage of lawbreakers?

The only stupidity here was on the parts of Henry Louis Gates and Barack Hussein Obama.

2 Responses to Help! Help! I’m Being Repressed!

  1. corvedacosta says:

    Obama and Gates are the stupid and racists ones. It is not like the Officer came in saying ‘hey black guy what are you doing here?’. He was respectful. Gates was the one pulling the race card and acting like a child. Blacks are the first to cry fowl even when it’s not.

  2. robert paulson says:

    The president eventually admitted that his comments were off base and called the officer to apologize.

    Unfortunately, I always learned that when you slander someone in public, the apology should also be made in the same forum.

    I guess our president never learned those manners, or the manner card is buried under the black card, world savior card, the smarter than you card, the react like Al Sharpton Card.

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