A Plea To Barack Obama

I understand that the Constitution of the United States empowers the Federal Government to ensure free, fair elections in the states. But what the Constitution says has never stopped Barack Obama from doing whatever he wants. So in that spirit of riding roughshod over the Constitution, I call on Barack Obama to ban all elections in the state of New Jersey.

It is clear from all recent elections, from Christine Todd Witless to Jon Corzine, with all of the party hack aparatchiks below them, that the citizens of New Jersey can not be trusted to elect people who…well, who aren’t crooks of one kind or another.

As an aside, I note the Republican party affiliation of Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt is mentioned prominently in the second paragraph of the article. In the 12th (and penultimate) paragraph they get around to identifying the Democratic affiliation of the Seacaucus mayor, but only because the recent election was contested. No other party affiliations are mentioned. Anybody want to guess what they are? Anybody?

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