Report: North Korea to fire test missile in our general direction

According to this report, North Korea is planning on firing a test missile in the direction of Hawaii in early July. Even at an optimum range, the missile will fall about 500 miles short of Pearl Harbor, but can we at least all agree that it’s the thought that counts?

I’m sure St. Barry will be “deeply troubled” or perhaps even “concerned” by this. He might even give a speech recognizing North Korea’s right to have nukes and their understandable anger at America for keeping North and South separate and unequal these past 56 years. This acknowledgment of our flaws will then be followed by, “But nuking Hawaii won’t make that right again. We need to move forward together.”

If this report is true, and if North Korea does launch a long-range ballistic missile in the direction of Hawaii, Obama must order the missile blown out of the sky by whatever means possible (which may be harder now what with the gutting of missile defense in lieu of money for ACORN and other favored groups). Anything short of a direct, swift response to this challenge would be to admit that we will bend over for any bully who challenges us. It would be an act of cowardice by an American president the likes of which have not been seen since Jimmy Carter trembled in fear at the approach of a killer rabbit.

It would also be perfectly in keeping with Obama’s modus operandi.

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