The Murder Of George Tiller

I will state first and foremost that I don’t believe George Tiller was a good man. He was not merely a doctor who provided abortions. He was a pro-abortion zealot who pursued his cause relentlessly.

This does not mean that his murder was not a great evil. It was.

The number of pro-life advocates who plant bombs or shoot doctors is so small it barely registers in any real sense, despite the hype and the desires of the Left to portray pro-lifers as drooling, troglodytic, mouth-breathing Christians. My God, the horror! Christians!

Pro-lifers have made great strides in recent years (a recent Gallup poll indicates that for the first time a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life). These great strides have come because the pro-life argument is being backed up by advances in science and the strength of principled convictions. The argument is not being won by murder or terrorism, and it never will be.

The abortions that George Tiller performed are something that he will have to answer for in the next life. His murderer will have to answer for his equally great sins.

The Left in this country will no doubt rush to the fore to denounce pro-lifers as being the same type of Right-wing extremists that Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano warned about. The fact that this is a lie and a gross misrepresentation of the beliefs of tens of millions of people across this great country is irrelevant. The insane murder of George Tiller puts an arrow in the political quiver of the pro-abortion movement, and they will use it. Pro-lifers must resist the temptation to play politics. I hope the man who killed him spends the rest of his life in prison, but that will never return the man to the family who loved him and who he loved. George Tiller is dead. R.I.P.

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