Biden Strikes Again

National security, anyone?

Joe Biden can be a whole lot of fun, what with the gaffes and the lies and the size 12s he’s always pulling out of his own mouth, but this is just flat out idiotic.

Joe Biden has long been the stupidest man in the Senate, so it’s no surprise that he would now take his proper place as “Stupidest Man In The White House.” This latest bout of idiocy has serious ramifications, of course. What good is a top secret bunker that can now be added to D.C.’s list of tourist attractions? The millions of dollars that were spent constructing and maintaining a top secret bunker for the protection of the VP and his family and staff have been largely wasted for no reason other than the current VP has a black hole where his brain should be, coupled with a severe case of logorrhea…a combination of conditions that makes for great entertainment until he accidentally shouts out the nuclear launch codes while he is sharing his recipe for German pancakes on Live with Regis and Kelly. The man is an embarrassment.

UPDATE: A Biden spokesperson is now claiming that Biden did not spill any classified information. Apparently the subterranean room under the U.S. Naval Observatory that had a heavy metal door with an elaborate locking system that led into a hallway lined with electronic communication equipment was, in reality, an upstairs workspace that is now being used as a guestroom. No, really. Swear to God that’s what he said.

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