The Goreacle Weighs In

Earlier I had blogged that I didn’t have any real problem with Dick Cheney criticizing (politely but firmly) the Obama administration. Now Al “THEY LIED TO US!!! THEY BETRAYED THIS COUNTRY!!!!” Gore weighs in on the subject.

I can’t put the actual dates on it, but Gore may be right that he was mum on the Bush administration for two years. But lest we forget, during that two-year period Al was sitting in a cave, growing a beard, eating a freight car’s worth of potato chips, and scribbling pictures of Manbearpig on the walls. When he emerged he was not merely critical of Bush/Cheney, he was deliriously unhinged. Al Gore is currently one hanging chad away from clanging a bell and wearing a sandwich board that says “Repent! The End of the World Is Near!” He should be taken that seriously.

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