The Detainee Abuse Photos

Well, St. Barry has flipped on the issue of releasing photos of detainee abuses. He now says that he “will fight” the release.

This isn’t all that complex. The President can issue an executive order blocking the release of the photos, and he should do so immediately. Saying only that he “opposes” the release and will seek a court order in order to prevent the release from happening is nothing more than buying himself time to change his mind yet again if the Left base puts enough pressure on him. If he fails to get the court order and the photos are released, he can then say that it was against his wishes. It’s all hogwash. St. Barry can end this today with an executive order.

Whatever his reasons for changing his mind, he is now saying the right thing, that the release of these photos will endanger American lives. He’ll get my full-throated “atta boy” only if he actually does the right thing, though.

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