BREAKING NEWS: Pelosi’s Pants Still Burning!

Now San Fran Nan is accusing the CIA of lying in their official memos about what and when she was told about waterboarding.

This has been a lot of fun but, seriously, it’s time to just admit the truth, Nan.

The truth is that you’re still a filthy, rotten, stinking liar. And maybe even smelly, too!

The truth is that you were told the Administration had legal opinions validating the use of waterboarding, that waterboarding had been used, and that it might be used again. The truth is that in a post-9/11 mindset, it was politically expedient for you to be hawkish and act really butch when it came to the interrogation of terrorists. The truth is that you said nothing and did nothing to denounce or prevent the use of waterboarding (i.e., it was just fine with you). The truth is that California rep Jane Harmon spoke to you about writing a letter denouncing waterboarding and you refused to sign it. The truth is that the politics changed and suddenly it became politically expedient to loudly decry the interrogation techniques that the former VP claims saved thousands of lives. The truth is that you are a liar and that it is not a seven-year-old memo but rather you, the Speaker of the House, who is lying to Congress and the American people every time you open your mouth about this subject.

Nan, you may think that you are somehow fighting the good fight and acting as a real profile in courage, but the truth of the matter is that you’re just a liar of the worst kind. In the Democrat Culture of Corruption, you are the cherry on top of the crap sundae.

2 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Pelosi’s Pants Still Burning!

  1. Howmachizzit says:

    Forget the water boarding, in the future, the DemoRats and Barry’s Administration can deal with the terrorists, sans the guilt, in an absolutely legal manner : by aborting them.

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