Chris Christie On The Teachers’ Union

June 5, 2010

I was extremely skeptical about Chris Christie when he was running for Governor in New Jersey. I figured he’d be better than Jon Corzine, but that bar is so low it’s practically subterranean. My skepticism was based on nothing but that he was a New Jersey politician. But the more I hear and see things like this, the more impressed I am. Now if only my home state had the guts to elect someone like this.

In my home state of New York, the Republican Party has selected the elfin Rick Lazio to run against Democrat Andrew Cuomo. I guess that’s because of the incredible campaign Lazio ran for Senate in 2000, where he managed to get 43% of the vote against a woman who had never held elected office before, whose last name was synonymous with scandal in office, and who didn’t even live in New York prior to a few months before the election. It’s going to be a long year for us New Yorkers.

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