What Liberal Media? Oh, That Liberal Media

July 21, 2010

The Daily Caller is releasing leaked emails from JournoList, an Internet cadre of journalists talking shop, free from the constraints of having to pretend that they have any sense of objectivity. Take a gander at the reaction of our hard-hitting journalists to the election of Barack Obama.

My personal favorite is Ryan Donmoyer from Bloomberg News who wrote: “Best quip I heard today, courtesy of a Facebook friend: ‘I wonder if Sarah Palin is still unclear about what a community organizer does.'”

A commenter calling himself (or herself) “Broken Window” responds: “It’s July 2010. Unemployment is way up, private investment is way down, the federal deficit has been multiplied, and racial tensions have been fanned by administration operatives…I wonder if RYAN DONMOYER of BLOOMBERG NEWS is still unclear about what a community organizer does.”

The Crybaby-In Chief

June 17, 2009

Have we ever had a President with thinner skin than Barack Obama? Like him or hate him, George W. Bush had skin like leather. But here’s Barack Obama on CNBC whining about how Fox News is devoted to attacking him all day long:

Fortunately for the Crybaby-in-Chief, he has CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today and countless other media outlets willing to strap on their knee pads and fellate him at the drop of hat. And as for Fox, their liberal commentators like Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel do a much better job of defending Obama than the fawning sycophants like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Obama should be grateful to Fox News…it’s the one place where you can hear reasonable defenses of the Administration without all the drool.

No President has ever had so many palm fronds laid at his feet by the media. For him to complain about any criticism just shows what a thin-skinned amateur he really is.

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