A Black Day For The UK

August 24, 2009

Oh, brother…I mean, sibling. The sheer stupidity of this is overwhelming.

These are the people on whom the Democrats and Barack Obama want us to model ourselves.

Notice this paragraph:

The clampdown in the public sector has angered some of the country’s most popular writers. (highlighting mine)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not working for The Clampdown.

Truth is, the Chairmen of these various groups and boards are taking a broad look at a major problem that, until now, has been white-washed out of the view of most of Mankind. The black hole into which this problem has disappeared has now been addressed in a masterful way. These phrases are little more than the white elephants of an old lexicon, and while the bold men who finally addressed this problem will be derided as the black sheep of a tolerant United Kingdom they can tell the shrewish harpies who lampoon them not to get their knickers in a twist. Once the population mans up and decides to accept the Newspeak, the United Kingdom will be free of black-hearted fellows who might otherwise offend with their ungentlemanly speech.

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