Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

November 16, 2010

I know that schadenfreude is wrong and a symbol of moral failure, but I just can’t freakin’ help it.

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel has long been one of the looniest of loony Leftists in Congress yet has always managed to circumvent that with his jovial attitude and sharp way with a joke or a one-liner. Rangel comes across great on television: sharp, eloquent, funny. He is the anti-Barney Frank, while retaining all of Frank’s poisonous ideology. But beneath that facade is a stinking mass of corruption, pettiness, and entitlement so putrid that even his fellow Democrats can smell it.

Whether or not his fellow Dems will actually punish Rangel in a manner befitting his crimes (and they are crimes), is another matter. My guess is that they will recommend twenty lashes with a wet noodle or something equally serious and Rangel will take his seat in Congress, dutifully chastened and repentant, and then continue to wallow in the cesspool of corruption.

The Roundup: Michelle Malkin weighs in on cleaning the swamp. Hot Air claims that the “Otter Defense” was failure.

The Disgusting Charlie Rangel

June 1, 2009

Whenever I think Charlie Rangel, the U.S. Representative from Harlem, has hit a new low in public discourse (which is every time I hear him or see him), he manages to lower the bar even more. He’s a disgraceful old cow who really needs to be put out to pasture.

The other night there was a terrible accident in New York. An off-duty police officer found some punk trying to break into his car. The cop pulled his gun and pursued the punk. During the pursuit, another cop intervened. Without knowing the situation, he ordered the off-duty cop to stop and drop his gun. Instead, the off-duty officer turned to the cop with gun in hand and compounded his error by not identifying himself as a cop. The end result was that a cop killed another cop. So stupid and senseless, this was a tragic accident that will change the lives of everyone involved in it.

This is New York. Enter the race hustlers. You see, the off-duty officer who was killed, Omar Edwards, was black. The police officer who shot him, Andrew Dunton, was white.

The disgusting Charlie Rangel then made a comment when asked about what President Obama should do on his “date” in New York. Rangel advised the President not to “run around East Harlem unidentified.” In Rangel’s world, the Secret Service is the one thing protecting the President of the United States from being capped by rogue white police officers who randomly shoot black men on the street. Think I’m exaggerating?

“If [he] did not have the Secret Service . . . around him, [city cops] wouldn’t know if he was president of the United States.”

Now, Rangel has apologized. Sort of.

He now says that it was inappropriate to mention the President in his statement about the shooting. But he maintains that the police officers need better training (i.e., sensitivity training, I’m sure) and called on the Justice Department to “review the problems in the New York City Police Department when black officers are killed by whites, which too often is the case.”

So the closest we’ll get to an apology from this pig is to say that he shouldn’t have mentioned the President of the United States when he was only trying to call attention to the dozens, or hundreds, or is it thousands? of black police officers that are ruthlessly shot to death by white police officers every day in Harlem. Right?

Will somebody please tell this tax-cheating, corrupt, Commie-loving excuse for a man to shut the hell up?

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