Today’s Lesson In Progressive Politics: John Holdren

Remember John Holdren? He’s Obama’s “Science Czar,” who has advocated forced sterilization, forced abortions, eugenics and other tricks up the Progressive sleeve. I wrote about him here, but the definitive take down is all Zombie’s.

Now that the phrase “global warming” has been ridiculed to the point where people snicker whenever Al Gore’s face pops up on TV, and “climate change” is considered to be too namby-pamby, the Progressives need to find a new way to initiate their statist agenda. Voila! Courtesy of John Holdren, we now have “global climate disruption.”

It’s really a quite elegant solution. Since the globe isn’t actually warming and the research into global warming has been proven to be, let’s just say tainted, the Progressive solution is to rebrand the issue. Global warming didn’t work because the globe isn’t warming any more than it might naturally warm. Climate change doesn’t work because climates change naturally and there’s nothing scary about that.

But Global Climate Disruption? Wow. That sounds scary. Nobody likes disruptions. Disruptions are bad things. The beauty of it is that it’s a catch-all. Heatwave? Disruption. Blizzard? Disruption. Volcano? Disruption. Hurricane? Disruption. Plague of frogs? Disruption.

The lesson for today is that global warming was never a real fear. It has always been a means to an end. A succession of warmer than normal years allowed the Progressives to create a boogeyman in the closet with which to scare people into a conformity of thought and behavior. That thought and behavior would be dictated by the Progressives, naturally. Now that the closet door has been opened and the boogeyman has been revealed to be nothing more than a coat on a hanger, Holdren and his ilk are trying to tell us that the monster is now under the bed, and it’s hungrier than ever. The only way to placate the monster is to do exactly what the Progressives tell you to do. Do not ask questions. Do not look back. Just follow the leaders. The Socialist Utopia awaits.

The Roundup: Doug Powers is on it at Michelle Malkin’s site, and he makes this excellent point:

An administration that goes out of its way to make terrorism sound less dangerous than it really is (i.e. “man-caused disaster”) makes the push to sell “global warming” as more dangerous than it really is.

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