Today’s Lesson In Progressive Politics: Bill Press

Liberal radio host Bill Press on why Obama’s poll numbers are so bad:

The lesson, of course, is that Progressives believe that the American people are too 1) spoiled, 2) stupid, and/or 3) ungrateful to understand that what Progressives are doing is for their own damn good. Press uses the word “spoiled” here but in fact it’s another “S” word that he means: “stupid.”

It speaks to a wider mindset that bedevils and in many ways defines Progressivism/Liberalism: the belief that a small, elite group of intellectuals should rule and that the slovenly, unkempt, unwashed masses should simply accept this rule and understand that Progressives know best. The clue: he maintains that Americans are ungovernable and then proceeds to implicitly compare Barack Obama with Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. What Press and other Progressives fail to understand is that in America it is not the people who are governed (i.e., ruled). The government is a construct of, by, and for the people and those who are elected serve at the pleasure of the people. The people are not subjects of the government; the government is a tool of the people.

H/T: Jonah Goldberg in The Corner.

UPDATE: I see Ed Morrissey at Hot Air is on this, as well, and makes the same basic point as yours truly.

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  1. PanAm says:

    Just stopped by for a spell — good points and nice layout…

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