The Terror Blame Game

I haven’t written anything about the attempted bombing in Times Square because I’ve been waiting for more information. The story hits close to home because my niece was standing at that exact location less than an hour before the car bomb was discovered. The mind reels to think that 45 minutes and a competent bomber are all that separated me from grieving over a lost loved one.

When the incident was first reported, I had the suspicion that this was probably a lone wolf, maybe even the Bicycle Bomber who left a bomb at the Army Recruiting station in Times Square a few years back. None of this seemed to be the kind of big statement al-Qaeda favors: no airplanes, no synchronized bombs, no mass transit. But I kept my suspicions to myself because I wanted to learn more, and while I suspected something closer to home I never doubted for a second that there was a great chance this was Islamic terrorism.

It’s too bad that others didn’t hold their tongues. Within hours, the blame game for the incident had begun and most of the talk concentrated on the idea of a homegrown terrorist. Probably a dastardly conservative.

New York Mayor-for-Life Michael Bloomberg suggested to Katie Couric that the person responsible “doesn’t like the health care bill or something.” The leftwing blog Crooks and Liars openly wondered whether the would-be bomber was a fan of Glenn Beck and was downright disappointed that this scenario didn’t pan out. Janet Napolitano, the Director of Homeland Security, appeared on the Sunday morning news shows and stressed that this was a “one-off” and “amateurish.” MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer was really “frustrated” that the bomber was Islamic because Islamic terror provides a smokescreen to all those mad conservative bombers. A CNN anchor brushes right up against pinning the blame for this on the “heartache” of foreclosure.

We saw a similar pattern with the Fort Hood shootings, when any ties to Islamic radicalism were downplayed. We saw it again on Christmas of last year, when the Underwear Bomber was whisked away and read his rights while Napolitano assured everyone that “the system worked.”

The system didn’t work, Janet. We got lucky on Christmas, and we got lucky in Times Square. So unbelievably lucky.

The system in which Napolitano puts so much faith seems determined to find mad bombers at Tea Parties, watching Glenn Beck, and listening to Rush Limbaugh. They are so out of touch that they seem to genuinely believe that people who are in favor of limited, smaller government are radicals. It is as if the very notion of strict adherence to the Constitution is somehow a leading indicator of psychopathic behavior.

Meanwhile almost every time the Left gets together for a party we end up with smashed windows, violence, and tear gas.

But my intention here is not to smear liberals as being lovers of violence or anything of the sort. The violence at these and other Left wing demonstrations usually comes from the anarchists and Communists, not the people who believe in a larger role for American government. I only bring it up to highlight the hypocrisy of those on the Left, like Bloomberg, Napolitano, and Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars who are out slaying imaginary dragons and feeling really good about it while real life monsters are packing SUVs with gas cans, propane tanks, and fireworks.

There is a war going on, despite the Obama Administration’s claims to the contrary, and even if some Tea Party activist with a few screws loose blows himself up in Times Square that doesn’t change the equation. The overwhelming terrorist threat to this country comes from Islamic radicalism. Pretending otherwise, or even hoping otherwise, is foolish and dangerous.

Michelle Malkin has lots more information on the arrest of Faisal Shahzad and Hot Air has lots of great content here and here.

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