Chuck Schumer’s X-Rated Smear

I try to keep it clean here, but in this case I can’t. A United States Senator, the shame of New York, Chuck Schumer has referred to Scott Brown, the Republican running for Senate in Massachusetts as a “far right tea-bagger.”

The phrase is “tea-partier.” A “tea-partier” is someone who believes in less government, lower taxes, and fiscal restraint. A tea-bagger is someone who lowers his scrotum into someone else’s mouth, which sounds a whole lot more like what the Democrats are trying to do to us than anything Scott Brown has to offer.

From Hot Air:

Please note: This is the same guy who spent weeks wetting his pants during his first Senate run when Al D’Amato called him a “putzhead” in a private meeting. I know Durbin’s probably next in line for majority leader when, not if, Nevada finally takes care of Reid, but Schumer’s really his heir apparent. Same nastiness, same cynicism, same snide, two-bit demagoguery. The difference is that Reid apologized for the “negro” comment whereas this will be defended with “who, me?” little-boy fake innocence about the double meaning of the word.

Almost every time this jerk opens his mouth I feel ashamed to be a New Yorker. You stay classy, Chuck.

One Response to Chuck Schumer’s X-Rated Smear

  1. howmachizzit says:

    I like to refer to Shumer and the rest of his ilk as “tea-bagees” – those folks who submissively have their gobs wide open for BIG GOV’T scrotum.

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