Terrorism At Fort Hood; UPDATED

The news is reporting that 12 are dead and 31 are wounded in a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas.

The shooter has been identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan, and there are two others in custody.

Say a prayer for the survivors and the families of all the victims.

Hot Air has a lot more details.

UPDATE 11/6/09: More details are out now and I’m going not very far out on a limb to take the question mark out of my original heading for this post. Michelle Malkin has tons more information than I’m capable of generating in the brief time allotted to me here. I first want to correct the shooter’s name. It’s Nadal Malik Hasan, not Malik Nidal Hasan as was first reported yesterday.

This is a terrible event, and I urge everyone within the sight of this blog to stop and say a prayer for the survivors and the families of the victims. I don’t really want to make political hay out of this, but this must be said: President Obama’s immediate reaction to the shooting went beyond shameful. It may have been the single most tone deaf political moment I’ve ever seen. As Americans are reeling in shock Obama took to the airwaves and spoke for two and a half minutes about the Tribal Conference he had been involved in during the day. Smiles, a “shout out,” and light banter about a singularly unimportant piece of politics before addressing the massacre at Fort Hood. Here it is, and it’s unbelievably repellent:

A child in a man’s suit. This is political idiocy on a stratospheric level.

As more reports and information come out about the shooter’s Islamic beliefs, including reports that he was shouting “Allah ahkbar!” while shooting, it’s clear to me that this was a terrorist attack on native soil, at the heart of an army base. Whether Hasan had any ties to foreign nationals or al-Qaeda or whether he was just a lone wolf, remain question marks. Now for the big question: Will the President or his lickspittles in the media use the “T” word? Or will this go down as just another unfortunate man-caused disaster?

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