Danson’s Deep Thoughts

Two liberals sittin’ around chatting and thinking deep thoughts…

To me the big reveal here is not Ted Danson’s condescending view of Rush Limbaugh, it’s everything else he and Joy Behar say. Danson bemoans the idea that people like Rush Limbaugh and the “Religious Right” are exploiting the fear of average people. In a longer version of the video (here—for some reason I couldn’t embed it on The Clampdown) Danson implies that people only go to church because the rest of their lives are “tough”, and the ever-odious Behar solemnly agrees and further states that these “frightened” people whom Rush is manipulating are uneducated and not even aware of what’s good for them. Rush and those evil ne’er-do-wells in the Religious Right encourage people to “vote against their interests.”

And there you have Leftism in a nutshell: we know best, leave the decisions to us. You uneducated rubes don’t even know what’s good for you.

Scratch the surface of a Leftist and you will find a totalitarian core.

H/T: Big Hollywood.


2 Responses to Danson’s Deep Thoughts

  1. Ragnar says:

    Libs are the most intolerant people on the planet.

  2. Montana says:

    So Rusky gets punked because he does not fact check (Not the first time)? Wow, what a surprised.

    Oh, and when contronted that he was punked, he defended himself by saying “we stand by the fabricated quote because we know Obama thinks it anyway” (Yeah good try to save face, what a loser)

    After so many years of mis-labeling and mis-characterizing others he gets smacked down by the NFL “Not For Limbaugh”. Way to go NFL, great job!

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