Alan Grayson’s Holocaust Denial

This man is a tool.

I will stipulate that the word “holocaust” has an actual meaning, other than the mass extermination of Jews under Hitler. It means a destruction caused by fire. But since nobody would say that “health care” is being destroyed by flames, it is apparent that this ridiculous tool is comparing our current health care system to the Nazi Holocaust. Really? Show me the dead bodies, stacked like so many pieces of wood. Show me the trains taking people away from their doctors. Show me the insurance companies that are gassing people to death. Show me the tattoos on the arms of the patients in waiting rooms. Show me the Republicans who have sat around a table and plotted to exterminate a section of the population via a harsh system of neglect.

This sort of idiocy is an insult. It is nothing less than a denial of the actual Holocaust and all that it meant.

Representative Alan Grayson is a disgrace to Congress, and this stunt puts him in the same lunatic fringe as Cynthia McKinney and Barbara Lee. What he has said here goes well beyond the boundaries of political discourse. It is far worse than Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” comment because it trivializes the oppression and murder of millions of people.

Alan Grayson is a tool.

Hot Air has more, and reports that this is all just okey-dokey with Pants-On-Fire Pelosi. In a weird way, she’s right. An apology will not be enough.

One Response to Alan Grayson’s Holocaust Denial

  1. pbloc900 says:

    fantastic blog- Grayson is definitely a tool

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