The Shame Of MSNBC

After showing video of a man wearing a gun at an Obama protest rally, MSNBC anchorette Contessa Brewer decided to inject race into the equation by fretting over the prospect of white people bringing guns while a “person of color” was in the White House. The talking heads stood there nodding at each other and expressing real worry over the prospect of Barack Obama ending up another Martin Luther King:

You guessed it. The guy with the gun, who was carefully framed by the camera to avoid showing his skin color, was black.

Michelle Malkin awards MSNBC the “Cone Of Shame” and Hot Air has more here and here.

After this report, MSNBC ran this special report about other serious concerns.

3 Responses to The Shame Of MSNBC

  1. Ragnar says:

    Who is the person of color – karate kommentator? Put the hands down. It is distracting.

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