The Rat Patrol: The Tattle Tale Raid

Keep fighting the power, folks. After a large public backlash the Obama Administration has disabled the health care snitch program. Operation Go Flag Yourself was very successful, putting a strain on the White House servers and forcing the Administration to back away from this ridiculous program.

But have they really? Yes, the email address no longer works, but the Reality Check web site set up by the White House is still going strong, and still gathering email addresses.

At first the White House denied sending email to anyone who didn’t specifically request those emails. That was, as they say, a crock. I know, because I have never authorized the White House or anyone else in the Federal Government to send me email, yet I received at least two from David Axelrod, and a “Dear Comrade Friend” email from Barack Obama. The White House was collecting the email addresses of anyone who sent an email to the White House, and then adding those people to third party lists to receive propaganda emails like the ones from Axelrod. This is not simply a mistake. This is a violation of SPAM laws. It’s not really surprising to me, though. The arrogance of the Administration is such that a “laws are for others” mindset is to be expected.

Michelle Malkin has more.

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