Save The Earth

According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, we have “four months to secure the future of our planet.” Wow. Four months. If he’s right, I am going to be really, really mad about the time I wasted reading this gasbaggery.

I will grant that he is not saying the world will end in four months. He is saying that we only have four months to get all the nations of the world to collaborate and agree on a comprehensive plan to save the earth. That should be do-able. I want to be constructive here, so this is my suggestion: Just as we once called upon him to save us from Hedorah (the Smog Monster to U.S. audiences), we must again summon Godzilla from the depths of the ocean to put a stop to another environmental catastrophe.

Let’s remember the power of the mighty Gojira:

I urge the UN and the Secretary-General to consider my proposal. Daylight’s wasting!

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