Believing Barack Or Your Own Lying Eyes, Part 2

Over at The Corner, Jonah Goldberg posts this video:

This is your America, my friends. Fight to keep it. Contact your representatives and let them know: NO PUBLIC OPTION.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the Hot Air folks are running this RNC ad:

I think this is a good ad. I’m not quite as positive on it as Hot Air is, but that’s because this whole thing has me so riled up I want more red meat. But taking myself out of the equation, I think the ad hits the right notes. Humor is a much more devastating weapon than the heavy-handed mockery the Left is notorious for spouting, and the ad makes the points with a nice, light touch, especially compared to the shrill, raving nuttiness of the DNC’s ad (also posted on Hot Air with the great headline: “Mobs of Right-Wing Lunatics Want To Feast On Your Flesh“):

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