Why So Serious?

Well, we knew he was a smoker and a midnight toker, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised at this. Making the rounds in Los Angeles:


H/T: The American Thinker and Atlas Shrugs.

UPDATE: I’m starting to see some criticism of this coming from the Left. The accusation is that it’s racist to paint a black man up in white face. I will say that the race angle on this is something that I flat out do not see. Maybe it’s because I don’t view these things through the prism of race, or maybe I’m just obtuse, but I don’t see a racial component here. I’m not really sure what I do see. My initial take on it was that it was calling out Obama as a socialist joker (which he is). Unless someone can prove to me that this was some backhanded racist insult, that’s the meaning I’m sticking with.

Putting a white man in black face was done to give whites a routine with which to pantomime and mock blacks. Putting someone in white face is designed to do what, exactly? If it’s racist, is it racist against whites? Is the criticism implied here that Obama is “acting white” (which is usually a criticism coming from the Left directed at black conservatives)? Perhaps the criticism is that Obama is a Socialist mime? Putting black face on a picture of George Bush or Bill Clinton can be construed as racist. The intent behind making up a black man to look like a villain from the number 4 highest-grossing movie of all time is much less clear.

UPDATE II: Allahpundit takes the L.A. Weekly to task for their criticism and Michelle Malkin reminds us of when it was cool to demonize the President.

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