Who Will You Believe On Health Care Reform? Barack Obama Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

Breitbart has posted the following video showing Obama and others advocating for a Canadian/European-style single payer health care system…the very type of system he now claims he doesn’t want.

This is exactly what conservatives and most Republicans have been warning you about: the “health care reform” Barack Obama wants to put into effect is specifically designed to eliminate the health care coverage you currently have and put every American (and every illegal alien) into a government-run system.

Fight the power, people. Call or write your representative and your Senators. Let them know that we will not tolerate this.

Michelle Malkin is on it, too.

UPDATE: Uncut video:

3 Responses to Who Will You Believe On Health Care Reform? Barack Obama Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

  1. I am 58 years young and I see a lot of misguided people due to the money allocated to dupe the soap box wanna bees. They jump on the band wagon that has the most and loudest speakers. They want to cheer lead the rich. They seem like they are right. After all I see their side on tv all of the time.
    Study before you sing the Doctors, pill pushers and insurance companies and the rich song. You are being duped by money and an old game. The loudest is right! Right?

    At least if you were a lobbyist you would be getting paid almost a million dollars a day. But you do it for free. Why?
    By so many appearing to be against his plan Obama already has to give up some of what he is fighting for. “The majority of the people. You”
    Wake up before you mess it all up. Be a Robin Hood if you want attention.
    Do you want to be a cheerleader and get noticed guys? Then wear a dress. Everyone will then notice you. I personally like the intelligent ones that studied before making a judgment and portraying themselves as a champion.
    We all stand to lose a Hugh opportunity. We lost it once when Clinton tried and lost. Don’t do it again.
    Study first. It is very important.

  2. blaknsam says:

    Lobbyists make almost a million dollars a day??? Crikey! Where do I sign?

  3. […] wherein President Barack Obama seems to be advocating a single-payer system! You can find it here: https://blaknsam.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/who-will-you-believe-on-health-care-reform-barack-obama-or-… He also posted a link to other videos here: […]

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