How Nationalized Healthcare Will Work

This really deserves to go viral, so anyone who’s reading this (both of you) should send it to everyone you know.

The Republicans in the House have put out a detailed flowchart detailing how the healthcare plan being considered by the House will work.

Click on it to see it in all it’s glory (it’s a PDF).


“The horror. The horror.”

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin weighs in.

4 Responses to How Nationalized Healthcare Will Work

  1. Forgettaboutit says:

    Repubs are sadly useless. Now the same suspects who prevented any possible filibuster of a anti gun nut last month, will vote for another anti-gun nutter and proven racist. If Sotomayor cannot be voted against much less filibustered, the GOP will compromise and give away the store on anything, including health care socialism.

  2. RJ Matthews says:

    I am very dissapointed that the doctors and other health professionals are not protesting this Soviet style health rationing. Get a backbone and start confronting the U.S. Communist Party(old Democratic Party).

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