Teleprompter Breaks; Obama On Rampage

Several weeks back, Vice President Biden joked that if Barack Obama’s teleprompter were to suddenly fail, he didn’t know what the President would do.

Now we know.

Apparently shortly after the teleprompter broke, President Obama began staring into space before locking eyes with Fox News reporter Major Garrett. Obama then proceeded to step down from behind his podium, bring his hand up to his hip, and say, “Draw…” in an apparent attempt to get Garrett to go for his gun.

When last seen, Major Garrett was running through the White House rose garden while being slowly pursued by Obama, still repeating the word “Draw…”

Vice President Biden was heard to ask, “Does this mean I’m in charge?”

There’s no official word yet on what caused the teleprompter to suddenly shatter, but early indications point to exhaustion and overwork.

Michelle Malkin offers a poignant requiem for a much beloved figure in D.C. circles.

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