Crying For “Me Me Me” In Argentina

Well first they said he was “hiking the Appalachian trail.”

Then he arrived in the airport fresh from a trip to Argentina.

Mark Sanford, the South Carolina Governor and a Republican frequently hailed as a Presidential hopeful for 2012, vanished last week and nobody admitted to knowing where he was, including his wife and children.

Well, turns out that Sanford spent Father’s Day in the arms of his Argentinian lover.

He’s resigned his position as the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. This comes on the heels of John Ensign, a longtime proponent of “family values,” revealing his affair with a married staffer.

There’s no other word for it than “disgraceful.”

Michelle Malkin has a few choice words.

One Response to Crying For “Me Me Me” In Argentina

  1. Mike Licht says:

    Sanford has a hot story but no book deal. How long can THAT last?


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