Obama Speaks Softly, Carries Small Styrofoam Stick

Well, it only took a few days and a lot of pressure for President Obama to speak out about the situation in Iran. I don’t have the transcript yet, but I just finished watching him on the news.

He should be commended for saying something, I suppose, but what he actually said was, as usual, weak and full of equivocation.

Obama said that he was “deeply troubled” which is all well and good, but then he went on to stress that he still has plans to meet Ahmadinejad, and he strongly implied that the Ayatollah’s promise to investigate the election results won’t be a complete sham.

When I get the full transcript (his statement was typical of Obama sans teleprompter…long and rambling), I will post it here.

UPDATE: I couldn’t find the transcript but Hot Air posted the video:

As I said in my earlier post, now is not the time for an “Evil Empire” speech, though the mullahocracy in Iran surely merits one, but a strongly-worded acknowledgement that the United States understands that the election (and the promised “investigation” into the election) was a farce and the response to the protestors was brutal and should not be tolerated is not too much to ask from the leader of the free world. Even the French managed to use the word “brutality” in their condemnation.

But Obama is “deeply troubled.” There’s that frowny face again.

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