Pants-On-Fire Pelosi Less Popular Than Vlad The Impaler

According to a new Gallup poll, the approval ratings for Nancy Pants-On-Fire Pelosi are actually lower than the approval ratings for former VP Dick Cheney.

I’m not particularly surprised by this. In fact, I don’t understand Cheney’s low ratings except to note that they are the byproduct of being portrayed as evil incarnate for the last nine years by everyone from Tom Brokaw to David Letterman.

But now Cheney is unleashed and, far from being the fire-breathing dragon of popular lore, he is coming across as the reasonable and responsible public servant he is now and always has been. Most importantly, he is being increasingly seen as an adult in a foreign policy world inhabited by obsequious and ignorant children.

Polls are what they are, of course, and they change like the wind. I try not to put too much faith in them, but these findings were just too delicious to resist. The great satisfaction in this, to me, is to know how this must be scrambling the brains of those on the Left. As far as they are concerned, this poll indicates that Snow White is less popular than Darth Vader, that Queen Victoria is somewhere below Adolf Hitler in approval ratings, and that Mother Teresa has a likability quotient below Caligula.

I wonder how they’ll react in a couple of years if St. Barry’s approval ratings drop below Bush’s?

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