Financial Bailouts Based on Race?

The usual gang of idiots are at it again. Now they are appealing to Treasury Secretary Geithner to give bailout money to failing media outlets…but only if those outlets are owned by minorities.

Aside from the fact that the very concept of this is racist to the core, is it really the government’s obligation to ensure “diversity” in the media? Isn’t that what the marketplace decides? Should the government fund a radio station that plays only songs that I like? After all, I don’t consider myself to be “served” by the corporate radio channels or NPR. That’s silly, of course. Apparently the government wants to make sure that “underserved communities” get the media they need. So if I can prove that I’m part of a community of people who like only certain songs, will the government then make sure we get our own radio station to listen to?

Seriously, I am offended by the racism on display here. And I’m not talking about racism against white millionaire station owners. They’ll do just fine. I’m talking about a mentality that says that black people can not survive in a bad economy without “special help.” I’m talking about a mentality that says that black people are doomed to fail without government largesse. I’m talking about a belief that the color of your skin is what makes you “diverse” as opposed to your beliefs, opinions, mindset, skills, talents, etc. No, for the race hucksters in Congress, the only thing that matters is skin color. Since “diverse” means “differences” it is the Clyburns and Franks of the world who are standing before Congress and saying “Black people are different because they are black.” It is the infantilizing of an entire race of people. I have said this before and I will say it again, “Under the skin of those who support ‘diversity’ based on race, lies the rotting, beating heart of a bigot.” For those who protest that this measure is supported by blacks in Congress, I say, “So what?” The Congressional Black Caucus are not prejudiced against those who share their skin color, but they have a built a large industry by stoking the fires of grievance. As long as black people feel that whites are holding them down, as long as they are beholden to government for affirmative action or “diversity-based” financial help, then the awful likes of Rep. James Clyburn will continue to get re-elected.

I presume that the “minority owners” in question are, first and foremost, businessmen and businesswomen. If they have a flawed business model (i.e., one that is not attracting interest) then they need to change that model. Propping up a failed business plan is a) not the government’s job, and b) a really stupid, money-sucking proposition. More money will not create more interest in a failed product. There’s nothing that says minority-owned businesses need to tend to the interests of minorities only. I would think that a good business plan would be to try and appeal to as many people as possible, regardless of ethnicity or gender. But there I go again with my starry-eyed, bleeding-heart utopianism.

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